Hello! My name is Oliver Zettinig and I welcome you on my personal homepage. I am a researcher at ImFusion GmbH and a PhD candidate at Technische Universität München, Germany.

Have fun with my blog! 🙂


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74yrs ago, Nazis murdered Hans+Sophie #Scholl and their fellow members of #WhiteRose resistance movement. Their courage remains an example! Retweeted by Oliver Zettinig

Clearly written from a US-American point of view but essentially right: Conference boycotts won't change anything go.nature.com/2jYeuyp

Congrats to our student team #WARR, who brought the fastest pod on the #SpaceX #Hyperloop test track!!! go.tum.de/096539 #breakapod twitter.com/Hyperloop/stat… Retweeted by Oliver Zettinig