Hello! My name is Oliver Zettinig and I welcome you on my personal homepage. I am a researcher at ImFusion GmbH in München, Germany, and strive to further push the boundaries in ultrasound-guided navigated procedures.

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Nicht verblindet, nicht randomisiert, 25/10 also fast keine Teilnehmer und die Kontrollgruppe auch noch nur halb so groß, gemessen wird nach 'Eigenauskunft', finanziert von einer Lobbystiftung. They didn't even try. twitter.com/DZVhAe/status/… Retweeted by Oliver Zettinig 🇦🇹🇪🇺

It's disappointing that days like today jeopardize trust in the #EuropeanParliament despite a plethora of great initiatives. We need a strong public (!) representation for citizens, not pseudo-hearings without answers. #ZuckerbergEU