It’s around 02:30 a.m. Hong Kong time, some minutes after half past seven p.m. back home. Usually, I switch time zones on all of my clocks directly after take-off in order to start getting used to the new rhythm at the destination, hopefully avoiding jetlag as much as possible. And so did I a few hours ago. It’s the middle of the night and our next day is going to be exhausting. My only problem: even with earplugs (they’re Susi’s, I forgot mine, of course), I cannot sleep.

Thus, I’ve got plenty of time to think – to think about what we may be experiencing during the three weeks in the Far East, enough time to imagine how the numerous places we’re going to visit may look like. I’m really looking forward to getting an impression of Chinese culture, habits, cuisine, architecture, and maybe even a bit of the Mandarin language.

And yet, I haven’t completely realized I’m sitting in a plane that’s carrying me with 900 km/h towards a country I do not know apart from romantic documentaries, narrative fragments of fellow students, media reports on the current political situation and delicious dishes in local restaurants. I’m only beginning to leave Europe behind, embracing anticipation of awesome holidays to come. Let the adventure begin! πŸ™‚